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Teachers teach with skill and rigour, showing great courtesy. Staff and students enjoy what they do together.



Michelle Long BA Hons, MEd

Executive Principal

Luke Robbins-Ross BA (Hons)

Head of Academy

Laura Payton BA (Hons)

Vice Principal Phase 1 Lead

Nicola Parry BA (Hons)

Vice Principal Phase 2 Lead

Katie Woolford BA (Hons)

Assistant Vice Principal and INCo

Rebecca Firth BSc (Hons); maternity leave

Assistant Vice Principal

Sarah Brearley BA (Hons)

Associate Assistant Vice Principal

Farzana Afshan BA (Hons)

YR Teacher: Team Sheffield, EYFS Lead

Nosheen Khan BA (Hons)

YR Teacher: Team Salford

Abda Rafiq BA (Hons)

Y1 Teacher: Team Leeds

Joshua Watkins-Smith BA (Hons), MA

Y1 Teacher: Team Lincoln

Poppy Bertola BA (Hons)

Y2 Teacher: Team Huddersfield, KS1 Lead

Haleema Bibi BSc (Hons)

Y2 Teacher: Team Leeds Beckett

Sarah Littlewood BA (Hons)

Y3 Teacher: Team Trinity, LKS2 Lead

Humayra Noveen BSc (Hons), MSc

Y3 Teacher: Team Nottingham

Monika Blacktin BA (Hons), maternity leave

Y3 Teacher: Team Nottingham

Nusrat Javed BA (Hons), MEd

Y4 Teacher: Team Teesside

Tom Seddon LLB (Hons)

Y4 Teacher: Team Durham

Katie Whitehouse-Walker BA (Hons)

Y5 Teacher: Team York

Cailean MacKinnon BA (Hons)

Y6 Teacher: Team Oxford

Humaira Batool BA (Hons)

Y6 Teacher: Team Cambridge

Rebekah Horton BA (Hons)

PPA Teacher

Lauren Southworth BA (Hons)

Graduate Co-Teacher

Humera Mahmood BA (Hons)

Graduate Co-Teacher

Leah Farrar BA (Hons)

Graduate Co-Teacher

Alex Hill BSc (Hons)

Percussion Teacher

Rowan Russell (HLTA)

Music Teacher

Sharon Stacey BA (Hons)

Music Teacher

Josie Clough BA (Hons); maternity leave

PE and Performing Arts Teacher

Nusrat Afzal BSc (Hons) 

Teaching Assistant

Khadija Bibi BA (Hons) 

Teaching Assistant

Zahra Hussain BA (Hons)

Teaching Assistant

Gayna Tetterington BA (Hons)


Michelle Maltby (HTLA)

Teaching Assistant

Leah McEvoy-Harrison BA (Hons)

Behaviour Graduate Co-Teacher

Mary-Anne Pegler BA (Hons)

Teaching Assistant

Amy Brown 

Teaching Assistant

Sophie Kunz

Teaching Assistant

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