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Dixons Music Primary

Click on the link to book tickets for the upcoming Dixons Collaboration Concert at St George's Hall : Read More

Recent Letters

See our recent letters here.

E Safety April (PDF)
Unauthorised School Absence (PDF)
Uniform Expectations 23 24 July (PDF)
Transition New Classes 23 24 (PDF)
Breakfast Club Sign Up 2023 24 June (PDF)
L Ke Maternity Leave June (PDF)
Allergens July (PDF)
Local Academy Boards (PDF)
End of Year Letter July (PDF)
Lego club Autumn 1 310823 (PDF)
Coffee Morning September (PDF)
DMP DTA Allergen Cycle 1 23 24 (PDF)
DMP Family Dining Menu 040923 (PDF)
Year 4 Swimming Letter 050923 (PDF)
Dixons supplementary form guidance 2024 intake 060923 (PDF)
Staffing Update Year 4 September (PDF)
Harvest Festival Letter 150923 (PDF)
Settling In Evening Letter 180923 (PDF)
Contacting Class Teachers 210923 (PDF)
Spelling Bee Cycle 1 2023 220923 (PDF)
Royal Banquet Letter 250923 (PDF)
Family Dining 270923 (PDF)
Traffic Trinity Road Letter 270923 (PDF)
Traffic on Trinity Road Sep 23 (PDF)
NCMP Y6 Opt Out Letter 2023 280923 (PDF)
Y2 Art Showcase Letter 290923 (PDF)
West Yorkshire Police Firework Safety and Legal Responsibilities 290923 (PDF)
MCAS BROMCOM Update 021023 (PDF)
Library Volunteers 031023 (PDF)
Y1 stay and learn 061023 (PDF)
Family Dining Payments KS2 update final 2 091023 (PDF)
Lego club Autumn 2 121023 (PDF)
Stay and Learn Y2 Letter 121023 (PDF)
Coffee morning SALT 1 (PDF)
Flu Vaccination Letter 131023 (PDF)
Invacuation Letter 161023 (PDF)
Children In Need Letter 061123 (PDF)
2023 School Linking Project GDPR letter 081123 (PDF)
Bradford Citizens Delegates Assembly Letter 081123 (PDF)
Book Fair November 23 (PDF)
Walk To School Letter 131123 (PDF)
Humanity Calling 14112023 (PDF)
C1 November Stretch Letter 151123 (PDF)
Y5 Stay and Learn Letter 241123 (PDF)
Christmas Jumper Day Letter 271123 (PDF)
DMP Christmas Update (PDF)
Year 3 Stay and Study 061223 (PDF)
Lego Club Letter Cycle 2 081223 (PDF)
Family Dining Payments KS2 CYCLE 2 111223 (PDF)
Library Book Fines Letter 111223 (PDF)
Year 3 Swimming Letter 121223 (PDF)
Newsflash C1 2023 (PDF)
Islamic Aid Letter 030124 (PDF)
Y4 stay and study Letter 030124 (PDF)
Year 5 Royal Armouries Letter 060124 (PDF)
C2 Spelling Bee Letter 220124 (PDF)
Neurodiversity Pilot (PDF)
WYP Newsletter for Primary Schools 300124 (PDF)
Speak out stay safe 010224 (PDF)
World Book Day 060224 (PDF)
Lego Club 070224 (PDF)
Science Workshop 080224 (PDF)
Cliffe House Presentation 080224 (PDF)
Denim for Demantia 190224 (PDF)
March Book Fair 270224 (PDF)
Year 2 Performance 010324 (PDF)
Science Workshop 010324 (PDF)
Stretch Cycle 2 050324 (PDF)
Year 4 Performance 110324 (PDF)
Dixons Music Primary Lego Letter 120324 (PDF)
Library fines letter March 15032024 (PDF)
West Yorkshire Police (PDF)
Y3 Performance 210324 (PDF)
Y2 Stretch 210324 (PDF)
Y4 Residential Letter 2 210324 (PDF)
Family Dining Payments KS2 CYCLE 3 (PDF)
Eid Parties April 230424 (PDF)
DMP Academy Day Changes 080424 (PDF)
Parliament Week Letter 120424 (PDF)
SA Ts Letter 150424 (PDF)
Cliffe House Letter 3 190424 (PDF)
End of Year Arrangements letter 220424 (PDF)
Parent Power Letter 2 240424 (PDF)
Sleepover Y3 Letter 260424 (PDF)
Puberty Parent Letter Yr5 020524 (PDF)
Y5 Linkling Schools Ilkley 120624 (PDF)
Spelling Bee Cycle 3 Letter 100324 (PDF)
Race for Life Letter 130524 (PDF)
Dixons Music Primary Lego Letter Monday 1 (PDF)
Year 6 Behaviour Letter 150524 (PDF)
DMP Wraparound Offer 170524 (PDF)
Consultation Outcome 170524 (PDF)
Stretch Cycle 3 Letter 200524 (PDF)
PSC letter 3 240524 (PDF)
Year 6 production letter 050624 (PDF)
Year 5 production letter 060624 (PDF)
KS2 Disco letter 060624 (PDF)
Y6 Dream Talk Slots 070624 (PDF)
C3 Parents Eve 2024 YR Y5 070624 (PDF)
A4 Final DAT Collabration concert (PDF)
Dixons Collaboration Concert Letter 100624 (PDF)
Media letter 100624 (PDF)
Medical Needs Letter 100624 (PDF)
EYFS KS1 Sports Day Letter 100624 (PDF)
KS2 Sports Day Letter 100624 (PDF)
Junior Jam Holiday Clubs 120624 (PDF)
Eid Parties Letter 130624 (PDF)
BCG Letter 200624 (PDF)