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Huddersfield loved visiting Leeds Beckett’s art gallery this afternoon! 🎨 #enjoyment #hardwork @DixonsMP
1:46pm 19.10.2018


Leeds Beckett getting ready to show their art work to Huddersfield. Super impressed with their paintings! We love art week! @DixonsMP #art #enjoyment #gallery
2:59pm 19.10.2018


Leeds Beckett’s turn to visit Huddersfield’s art gallery! 🎨 Great to see so many smiles! #enjoyment #hardwork @DixonsMP
3:03pm 19.10.2018


@DixonsMP Here's a little something for you all to show our thanks - hope you like the video. 📼 Thank you for supporting #WearItPink. 💟 💗 💓
4:39pm 19.10.2018

Dixons Music Primary

We promise to do whatever it takes to ensure that every student at Dixons Music Primary achieves their full potential. We have extremely high expectations, and just as there are no shortcuts, there are no excuses. At Music Primary, we all have a sentence that states the lasting impression we want to leave on the world. Our academy sentence is: “The academy ensured that all students succeeded at university, or a real alternative, thrived in a top job and had a great life.”

At Music Primary, we enjoy what we do together because we remain positive and never give up; we are loyal and reliable; we are open-minded and treat all people fairly. We hope you find our website useful. Please do not hesitate to contact the Academy if we can help in any way.

Luke Robbins-Ross
Acting Principal


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