Music Specialism

The Academy has a specialism in Music and, consequently, it can offer up to 10% of places (6 places) each academic year to children applying for a Reception place.  In order to be invited to the music workshops, parents need to complete the separate supplementary form (available from the Admissions page of this website) and the form needs to be submitted by the deadline date.  For entry into Reception in September 2020 the deadline is 12.00 noon on Friday 22nd November 2019.

Dates for performing arts assessment

For September 2020 intake, the music workshops will take place on Tuesday 3rd December and applicants will be invited to a short session on one of these dates.  The time to attend will be advised by letter on Monday 25th November 2019. If you have not received this information by Wednesday 27th November, please contact Admissions by

e-mail:    telephone: 01274 423134 or 01274 423127

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Amazing E-safety poster made at home! #enjoyment
8:17am 11.10.2019