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Dixons Music Primary


We use music to raise standards of achievement in reading, writing and mathematics. It is also at the heart of a joyful and disciplined school culture.

Singing is used to develop oracy. Performance is used to develop confidence and character. Learning to read music helps to accelerate literacy and numeracy. Ensemble is used to promote interaction and co-operation. Instrumental work develops co-ordination and fine motor skills.

At Dixons Music Primary, we have tried to take the best ideas from academies, schools, the independent sector and abroad. Music helps our pupils to develop self-discipline and a growth mindset - to climb the mountain to university, succeed when they get there, thrive in a top job and have a great life. A step up that mountain every day; a little bit of progress every day.

Our superb EYFS results show that children have excelled in listening skills, as well as self-confidence skills, where we have exceeded national figures for the EYFS profile for the past 3 years.

We have a gifted and talented choir, DMP Young Voices, who recently won the Welcome to Yorkshire "Song for Yorkshire" competition.

The choir have also performed at the Manchester MEN Arena. We were selected as one of 4 schools to perform at the BBC Music Day in June 2017.

Pupils receive instrumental, vocal and ensemble lessons in a mixture of small and large group tuition which is delivered by specialist music teachers.

During music lessons, children learn technical, musical and performance skills.

All pupils have Performing Arts lessons each week where they work together to showcase their skills in performances throughout the year.

For our latest clips, please see our Twitter feed.

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