Admissions into Reception for September 2020 

Details of the admissions arrangements are given in the Admissions & Appeals Policy which can be found in the Downloads section below.  Please note that the Policy relates only to the admission year stated on the document and is subject to change in future years.

Parents apply by naming the Academy on the local authorities’ Common Application Form.  You will receive information concerning this from your child's nursery, pre-school setting, or your local authority, in November.  If you do not receive this information, please contact your local authority’s admissions department.

The Academy offers six places to children who demonstrate an aptitude for music.  If you wish to apply for your child to be considered for one of these places, you should complete the Supplementary Form which can be found in the Downloads section below.  The form is also available as a paper copy from the Reception desk at the Academy.

If you are applying for a place at the Academy under the 'Exceptional medical or social need' or 'Children of staff' oversubscription criteria, please follow the instructions in the guidance document, which can be found in the Downloads section below. 

Places will be filled in line with the oversubscription criteria outlined in our Admissions and Appeals Policy (see Downloads section below).

For September 2019, there were 274 applications for the Academy and places were allocated as follows:

  • EHCP – 0
  • Looked-after – 0
  • Exceptional social/medical need – 0
  • Music places – 6
  • Staff places - 2
  • Siblings – 27
  • Random allocation – 24
  • Sibling in the same year – 1

Open Events

  • Thursday 17th October at 4.30pm.  Parents should arrive shortly before 4.30pm, as the tour will start promptly at that time.  The tour will finish at 5.00pm.
  • Friday 15th November at 10.00am.  Parents should arrive shortly before 10.00am, as the tour will start promptly at that time.  The tour will finish at 10.30am.  Please note that late comers will not be admitted after the start in order to avoid disruption to classes.
  • Tuesday 14th January at 4.30pm.  Parents should arrive shortly before 4.30pm, as the tour will start promptly at that time.  The tour will finish at 5.00pm.

More information about the primary school application process is available here from mid-November:

Further information about the Academy can be found on this website or by contacting us via:

e-mail:     telephone:  01274 424350

In-Year admissions  

Dixons Music Primary is a very popular school and, consequently, a vacancy is only likely to occur if a child leaves the year group, which does not happen very often.

Should you wish to add your child to the waiting list, please telephone or write to Admissions via e-mail or letter (contact details are given below) with the following information; you may also wish to include the reason for application.  A written confirmation will be sent to you to advise what the current situation is.

Information required:

  • Child’s full name, date of birth, present school and home address
  • Name of parent/carer
  • Address of parent/carer, if different to the child's address
  • Contact telephone number

Address:      Admissions, c/o Dixons McMillan Academy, Trinity Road, Bradford, BD5  0JD

Telephone:  01274 424350


Because we are part of a coordinated admission scheme, you also need to complete an In-Year Application Form for the local authority in order to be eligible for a place if a vacancy occurs.

The In-Year form is available by downloading it from their website (see address below) or by contacting the Admissions Team at the local authority:



Telephone:  01274 439200

Where vacancies do occur, places are decided by random allocation (in line with the School Admissions Code) and by applying our oversubscription criteria (see Admissions & Appeals Policy).

Please click the link below to access our admissions policy.

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