Enrichment at DMP

At Music Primary, our mission is that all students succeed at university or a real alternative, thrive in a top job and have a great life. Our values of hard work, enjoyment and independence support this mission and our language, routines and structures constantly reinforce the metaphor of ‘climbing the mountain’. Our drivers of ‘mastery, autonomy and purpose’ ensure all students are intrinsically motivated to achieve their full potential and to see the doors education can open. All our artefacts in school support this mission.

We know that qualifications open doors and therefore we place high importance on delivering an ambitious and academic curriculum to all of our students such as two languages from Year 3 upwards. It is vital that students build cultural capital and develop into well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to society. The student experience curriculum at the academy permeates through the school and provides students with a plethora of experiences which compliment the academic curriculum.

Our curriculum ensures that all students:

  • will experience regular residential and single day expeditions which will enhance their experience and allow them to apply knowledge learned
  • will reach their full potential at each key stage and be encouraged to undertake experiences beyond the academic curriculum
  • will have opportunities to undertake leadership roles

Our curriculum addresses social disadvantage by:

  • · by ensuring that no students will have finance as a barrier to engaging in the student experience curriculum
  • · ensuring that all students take part in the student experience curriculum, so that they can build cultural capital
  • · ensuring that students engage in experiences beyond those they would experience in the every day

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